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Coils for motors

  • Home automation
  • Machine tools
  • TOctionneurs linéaires
  • Vibromasseurs

The production of the reels is based on automatic and semi-automatic machines for the finishing and testing of the stators. The finishes for this client are suggested and implemented according to rigorous protocols and a minute quality control. The flexibility and speed to switch from one model to another Tecnoveneta font is a simple and reliable partner. The department has been created in order to provide its clients with a complete service which shares our ability to make the components  mechanical and electrical.

Conduit l'entreprise à intégrer et à devenir tôtôtôt de repère dans les brands de niches comme qui les asynchronous motors triphasés pour l’industrie des machines-oils et composents fonctionnels à l’automatisation domotique

Main productions of windings equipment available for insulator, winder and shaper tested on:

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